Does adderall cause nerve damage

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The vagus nerve, also called the tenth cranial nerve, stretches from the brain through the abdomen. Branches from the vagus nerve innervate the brain, Does adderall cause nerve damage ear, tongue .
Adderall question: Does Adderall XR cause nerve damage to the hands? User:Eribear; Timestamp:20080624025604 I am having the same problem! Both hands are in constant pain .
Yes it could cause nerve damage. It's amphetamines- speed. If you take too much it could kill you. Adderall carries the risk of heart attack and stroke.
Adderall usually comes in 5mg, 7.5mg, 12.5mg, 15mg, 20mg and 30mg. So YES, 100mg would be too much for your central nervous system. Adderall is a central nervous .
If the Adderall causes dry mouth, that can lead to mouth sores and irritation of your tongue. I get sore spots on the roof of my mouth and my dentist said it was from dry .
Can taking too much adderall cause numbness in fingers Am I taking too much? Posted by: jake up the next morning, I can hardly move my fingers..
Does Adderall cause erectile dysfunction? ChaCha Answer: 85 percent of men taking significent levels, suffer sexual dysfunction at so.
Does Long Term Xanax Use Cause Permanent Brain Damage? i was told that long term use of xanax causes brain damage. i was on it from 1984 1mg 3xda. since a child,,and my .
Could high doses of Adderall cause nerve damage? . Yes it could cause nerve damage. It's amphetamines- speed. If

Does adderall cause nerve damage

you take too much it could kill you.
Buspirone is generic for Buspar and Alprazolam is generic for Xanax. And no it will not have the same effect. You can google any drug for info btw
Does it has any side effect as erectile dis function? Doctors and psychiatric pl,guide. I have Bipolar 2 disorder
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